Taylor police identify woman accused of driving car through protesters

Warrant request sent to prosecutor

TAYLOR, Mich. – Police said they have identified a woman shown in a video driving her car through Black Lives Matter protesters, nearly hitting people on Tuesday night.

She is 68 years old and has been interviewed by police. It’s up to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office to decide if she will face charges.

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The woman’s family spoke to Local 4. They said she was fearing for her life in that moment. However, the woman who led the protest said other drivers were going around the protesters and the driver didn’t appear to be scared -- she said she came right at them.

New video shows another angle of the protest when the car drove through. Protesters were in the intersection of Goddard and Telegraph. One man dove out of the way as his bike was run over by the driver.

“She drove into a crowd, she blew her horn -- telling us to get the heck out of her way -- and even when I told her to wait, she kept edging forward. Nobody was touching her at that point in time and there’s cameras to show that,” protest organizer Trishe Duckworth said.

The driver didn’t want to go on camera, but her son said a female protester grabbed her seat belt and another was reaching into the car. Her son said she feared for her life and felt there was no other choice but to hit the gas and escape.

“If you were really fearing for your life you would not have even come into that intersection that was full of people and protesters,” Duckworth said.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office can decide to charge or not charge the driver -- or send the warrant request back to police for further inspection.

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