American Moslem Society sues Woodmere Cemetery alleging breach of contract, disparate treatment

Lawsuit alleges graves are inappropriately placed

Michigan’s oldest mosque sits across the street from Woodmere Cemetery.

DETROIT – Michigan’s oldest mosque sits across the street from Woodmere Cemetery.

For years, the American Moslem Society has bought plots in quantity for their members. So far, about 2,000 plots with another 1,000 under contract. The Muslim section of Woodmere, so far, encompasses two AMS areas.

The mosque said it has exhausted the plots in the second section and want to expand to a third with the current plots it has under contract. The mosque has already paid a down payment and is meeting its monthly installment obligations.

Woodmere told AMS that until all the plots are paid in full there will be no expansion, according to a lawsuit filed by AMS.

The mosque said that’s a breach of contract. In addition, they said the Muslim sections of the cemetery are not well maintained like the rest. It also said graves are not appropriately placed and that there is insufficient landscaping and paving.

The case is in the Wayne County Circuit Court. Attorneys got Woodmere sent Local 4 the following statement:

”This is a breach of contract claim by the American Moslem Society. My client denies all allegations of breach of contract and further deny that they have mistreated the AMS and it’s members and otherwise deny  mishandling the relationship with AMS in any way.”

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