How to keep your kids active amid COVID-19 pandemic

Local teachers create fun, creative workouts for children of all ages

Two Metro Detroit teachers are putting their expertise to good use to help families stay active. (WDIV)

DETROIT – With sports on hold, many parents worry about keeping their children active when they’re at home.

Local 4 spoke with two teachers who wanted to lend their expertise to all Metro Detroit families.

Christopher Hughes and Matt Gunsorek are both physical education teachers and coaches.

“It’s creating creating a positive environment for them to still feel safe to be physically active and be goofy and be out of their comfort zone,” Hughes said. “To get their heart rate up and allow them to be creative with their movements too.”

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They miss being in the gym, but most of all, they miss being with their students. While digital classrooms help, they don’t provide the same experience. That’s why they wanted to come up with a way to engage their students and keep them interested in exercise.

In addition to the live classes in a small group setting, the two have been producing videos and learning how to connect digitally.

The live classes started at Detroit Country Day and were geared toward children of all ages. Exercises were developed for people to do at home with little to no equipment needed, so everyone could be involved.

The routines became so popular, the two decided to create their own online workouts available for children everywhere.

Parents have continued to ask them what the best way to get children moving, and they said it helps to start in the morning and to be creative with the workout to test their minds.

You can find workout videos, like the ones featured below, on their social media accounts.

You can follow Matt Gunsorek on Twitter and YouTube. Christopher Hughes can be found on Instagram and YouTube.

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