How ‘White Boy’ Rick Wershe went from informant, to drug ring, to 32 years in prison

Wershe released from prison Monday

DETROIT – “White Boy” Rick Wershe, who was busted for selling drugs as a teenager after serving as a police informant, was released from prison Monday after more than 30 years.

In 1984, Wershe was a freshman in high school and already connected in the drug world by way of his father, a paid informant for the FBI. Federal officials put Wershe to work as a 14-year-old.

VIDEO: Richard Wershe Jr. leaves Florida prison

He worked his way into a major Detroit drug ring and was a highly paid informant for authorities.

When he was 16 years old, the government no longer had a use for Wershe, so the cash payments stopped. After getting a taste of the money, Wershe began selling drugs.

At 17 years old, he was busted for selling eight kilos of cocaine and went to prison on a life sentence.

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In 2017, the Local 4 Defenders shined a spotlight on Wershe’s case and stirred national interest in what many people saw as injustice.

Wershe had spent nearly 30 years in prison when he was finally granted parole.

But his time in prison wasn’t over. Back in 2006, Wershe pleaded guilty to being involved in a Florida car theft ring from behind bars.

Wershe moved to a cell in Florida to serve an additional five years. When the Florida clemency board met, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shot down any chance for Wershe to get an early release.

But now, after 32 years, Wershe’s time in prison has finally come to an end.

You can watch Steve Garagiola’s full breakdown in the video posted above.

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