Party-goers trash Riverside Skatepark in Southwest Detroit

Park trashed with alcohol bottles, food boxes

A look at how a southwest Detroit has been damaged by parties

DETROIT – Skateboarders are not fine with party-goers trashing a local park after a long weekend.

“It was like literally filled with garbage. I was disgusted. The whole field basically filled with trash,” said local skater, Paolo Delapena.

There were alcohol bottles and food boxes all over the skating park.

When skaters arrived to Detroit’s Riverside Skatepark Monday morning for a session, they were taken back by all the trash left over from a huge party.

“It’s irritating because we all know it’s not the skaters,” said local resident, Leonard Casem.

Casem pointed out it’s not from the community that uses the park, but instead outsiders who have found a new hang out spot.

“If it is the people partying, it’s kind of annoying that they leave it,” said Casem.

Video footage shows some of the partying that went on this weekend. The city was able to clean up the mess once again.

While skaters are fine with sharing the park, they want visitors to do their part in keeping it clean.

“If you’re not here to skate and you’re just here to hang out and just party and litter around, you probably shouldn’t be here at all,” said Delapena.

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