Man removed from Delta flight after mask dispute

Man threatened crew, passengers, witness says

A Delta flight from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was delayed for about an hour Thursday when two people refused to wear a mask.

DETROIT – Todd Benson and his family witnessed turbulence before their flight could even take off from Aruba to Atlanta.

“It was shameful behavior. He was yelling, I have it on I have it on, and he was talking about his mask. The Delta flight attendant was requesting that he put it on properly,” said Benson.

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Apparently this man was kicked off the plane following a meltdown -- all over being asked to correct his mask.

“Moments later, he’s threatening her. ‘I’m gonna beat you up’ or something along that lines. And I thought that was completely inappropriate. He was saying he was gonna somehow get her fired,” Benson added.

After trying to talk to the pilot and returning to his seat, Benson says the outrageous behavior continued -- this time towards other passengers.

“As he was leaving the most graphic language that you could possibly imagine just came spewing out of his mouth and I wish we all could have just covered our ears,” Benson Recalled.

As he’s escorted out, other passengers rejoice.

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“It’s just a mask. We’re trying to keep each other safe. Please wear it,” Benson concluded

Delta didn’t have much to say about the incident in a statement sent to Local 4 which reads.

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