Protest held outside Children’s Village in Oakland County demanding the release of ‘Grace’

Judge says girl needs to finish counseling programs


OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – An overnight protest is underway outside Children’s Village in Oakland County where dozens are demanding the release of a 15-year-old called “Grace.”

She is the girl who has made national headlines after being placed in juvenile custody for probation violations, the terms of which included having to finish her school work.

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Judge Mary Ellen Brennan said the case goes beyond unfinished homework and it’s about repeated violations and the need to finish counseling programs. The judge said the teen would be better served staying inside the center for troubled kids.

There were about 100 protesters outside the facility on Wednesday night. Protesters planned to use tents and sleeping bags to stay in place overnight.

The defense in the case has filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals. The prosecutor’s office has joined them in that appeal.

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