Young Metro Detroit author experiences breakthrough amid COVID-19 pandemic

11-year-old plans to write series of novels

DETROIT – During Michigan’s coronavirus lockdown a lot of people tried picking up new hobbies and developing skills.

But can you imagine writing an entire book during that period? A local 11-year-old managed to do that. Nicole Barksdale calls the book she penned her first all American novel.

The soon to be middle schooler has developed a love of all things wolves.

She did her research, listened to that creative voice inside of her, took a look at what was happening around the world and started writing.

“We went on a camping trip and I got a lot of inspiration,” she said. Both of the published author’s parents are really excited about her work.

“I’m very proud of her, very strong point for her,” said Nicholas Barksdale, the girl’s father.

Fangs of Fury, the Fallen Light is a fantasy yarn for teens and older people. She is the author and illustrator. And if the story doesn’t bring you to tears or just the sheer accomplishment of a child so young simply watch the reaction of a proud mother and know your heart will be moved.

By the way she is not done and has plans on writing a whole series of novels.

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