Many Metro Detroit school districts have decided to go remote, others still weighing final decision

Schools must decide if they want in-person classes this fall

DETROIT – School districts are starting to decide if they’re going to hold classes remotely this fall or not.

Dearborn schools announced last week that the district will offer an online-only option for students amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Districts are expected to get their back-to-school plan to the state by Friday. Then, they have to alert parents by Monday.

The state’s largest district, with 51,000 students -- Detroit Public Schools Community District, has a split model and superintendent Nikolai Vitti said that parents should have a choice. The district will be offering both virtual and face-to-face learning options.

Depending on the district, as few as 30 percent of parents said they don’t feel safe sending their children back into a physical classroom when there’s a pandemic.

Some communities however, said that as many as 60 percent of parents want their children to stay home.

Out of 29 school districts, most are leaning toward remote learning only.

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