How to get your student back on track to start the school year

Michigan students prepare for new school year amid COVID-19 pandemic


The term “summer slide” refers to the academic skills students temporarily forget over the summer. This year, people are calling it the “COVID slide,” because it began all the way back in March.

With Michigan schools preparing to resume, how can parents help students get back on track to start the semester?

The academic skills get a little dull every summer, and as the new school year approaches, it’s time to get those brain cells fired up again.

Experts said it’s important to start getting students ready in these final weeks before school by returning to good habits. Some of the best exercises to get young minds back into learning mod are simple, but effective.

Julie Simon, a college counselor, said high school adds some extra challenges, particularly for those entering their junior year, because those are the grades colleges generally focus on for admissions.

Students gunning for the top colleges are probably taking advanced placement classes.

As for year-round school to help avoid the slide, Simon believes it’s just not practical for many families.

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