Karen Spranger pleads no contest to lesser charge in larceny case

Former Macomb County clerk accepts plea deal

Ex-Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger at her arraignment for larceny charge. (WDIV)

Former Macomb County clerk Karen Spranger has pleaded no contest to a lesser charge in a case accusing her of stealing money from a 78-year-old woman in her care.

Spranger was charged with larceny, which is a felony, but pleaded no contest Wednesday to the lesser misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace. She also will have to immediately pay $1,660 in restitution.

That’s the amount she was accused of stealing from a 78-year-old friend she was taking care of. Pictures from a Chase Bank in January 2019 show Spranger making the withdrawals allegedly without permission from the victim.

Police said she was using the 78-year-old woman’s debit card during the transactions. In all, the Macomb County prosecutor said Spranger made eight withdrawals worth $1,660 between Jan. 1 and Jan. 8.

Officials said Spranger was taking care of the woman since September 2018. At some point, the woman noticed her debit card was missing and told police Spranger pushed her down in a parking lot when confronted about the card.

Once police got involved, Spranger disappeared. Warren police said Spranger was arrested at a Tim Hortons restaurant on 12 Mile Road at Mound Road. When officers approached her, she denied any knowledge of the arrest warrant for her, police said.

The case has nothing to do with her tumultuous year as county clerk that consisted of lawsuits and bizarre behavior before she was removed by a judge for lying on an affidavit about where she lived.

Spranger was also accused of assaulting that 78-year-old woman when she confronted Spranger about the money. She was not charged with assault.

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