Metro Detroit teachers go above-and-beyond to make sure students stay connected

WESTLAND, Mich. – Making sure children get a proper education amid the COVID-19 pandemic is a priority for many.

There is a big concern about those who get lost. Going to school is an exercise in accountability, not only for the school, but for the parent and the student.

In protests in Macomb County, residents were worried about how internet connections could impact the school year.

For a family in Oakland County, one child has a laptop for remote learning and the other child does not.

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There are thousands of students struggling to stay connected in Wayne County.

There are also tremendous efforts being made by people to be human bridges to the disconnect. Teachers in Southfield have put together educational care packets that can be hand-delivered to students who can’t get online.

A teacher in the Wayne-Westland district is going above and beyond to make sure her students stay connected in any way she can. Sandy Wade has been working with her tech staff to make sure more students can stay connected and is trouble-shooting students who have tech issues.

She keeps four computers and her phone going at all times during the day and then goes home to her own children and teaches them.

Like so many other teachers, Wade is determined to not lose a single student.

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