Metro Detroit woman speaks out after being pistol whipped, carjacked near 8 Mile Road and Evergreen

The woman says she was leaving a restaurant when she was assaulted

DETROIT – A Metro Detroit woman is speaking out after she said she was pistol whipped and carjacked while leaving a Chinese restaurant on Eight Mile and Evergreen roads.

“I turn around. It’s the guy opening up my door,” said Shay.

The incident happened at about 8:45 p.m. Monday night.

“He snatched my purse. I’m just shaken saying, ‘Oh gosh. Oh my gosh,’” she said.

Shay said just seconds later, the suspect hit her with a gun. The bruise on her eye is still there. The suspect drove off with her car, with her purse inside.

She called police only to find out hours later that police found her car.

“They told me it was in an accident but they didn’t tell me if it was bad or not at that time," she said.

Shay said she got her car back but it had damage on the front of the car. She said the suspect took more than that.

“You took my wallet, but you really didn’t get off with anything. But what you got off with is probably my spirit. The way that I think about stuff right now, I think everybody is out to get me and I’m trying to figure out what did I do to deserve this?" she said.

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