Corner Ballpark noise complaints persist despite promises to neighbors

Police Athletic League met with neighbors on Sept. 3 to discuss issues

Corner Ballpark party noise issues continue despite promises to neighbors

DETROIT – The event schedule at The Corner Ballpark in Corktown has not slowed down and has not quieted down as promised.

At one recent event, neighbors endured a low-flying helicopter accompanied by police sirens.

“When they came in there, you should have seen the kids' faces. When you talk about police relations and really making a difference at a young age, that made a difference,” said Rob Jamerson, CEO of the Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL), which operates The Corner Ballpark.

Jamerson is trying to walk a fine line -- Create revenue to support the programs that benefit many Detroit kids while being a good neighbor to residents living nearby.

“People that complain about that, I’m not sure we’re ever going to satisfy them,” Jamerson said.

PAL has received emails from appreciative neighbors in the last few weeks but there still are complaints.

“... We’re working in the community, being able to try to be reasonable, but we’re going to continue to have events,” Jamerson said.

Some people reached out to Local 4 News with their complaints and said they’re afraid to call the police on the police.

However, the Detroit Police Department urged the people in Corktown to contact them.

“If there’s any violation -- certainly noise ordinance or any other matter -- if you feel that the police department is doing something against their code of conduct, call 911. We will come out, we will investigate,” said Detroit police Cmdr. Franklin Hayes.

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