New docu-series to highlight Detroit Youth Choir’s rise to fame

‘America’s Got Talent' runner-ups to receive more national recognition

DETROIT – The children of the Detroit Youth Choir have captured the hearts of millions on “America’s Got Talent” -- and now they have the attention of a production company who wants to highlight their journey.

Following the Detroit Youth Choir’s run on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent," a production company is interested in portraying the group’s rise to fame in a new documentary TV series, or docu-series.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the talented performers of the Detroit Youth Choir have continued to safely rehearse. The group has never before shied away from the spotlight, and now they may have an opportunity to show the world what it takes to become national darlings.

“They really want the nitty gritty, they want to go behind the scenes; they want to know what it takes to work hard,” said Anthony White, director of the choir. “I’m excited for the kids and for people to actually get a look into what it takes to be a performer in the Detroit Youth Choir.”

After winning second-place on AGT the group moved their operations into the Marygrove Conservancy, complete with a theater room and music studio. The new rehearsal space allows the group to convene and perform while social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, though, the pandemic has directly affected the Detroit Youth Choir family. Two 12-year-old boys lost their fathers to the virus. White says without a doubt, the young performers in the choir have proven resilient.

The group reimagined the Oscar-winning song “Glory” from the 2014 movie “Selma” in a highly-viewed performance amid the pandemic and ongoing protests against racial injustice in the U.S. That performance is now being considered for a Grammy nomination.

“The Detroit youth choir has really brought back Motown,” White said. “We have determined kids. They have what it takes to make it in life.”

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