Romeo Community Schools work with Macomb County Health Department to prevent COVID-19 from spreading

Officials use contact tracing to monitor COVID-19


ROMEO, Mich. – School districts are grappling with a desire to return to face-to-face learning while balancing a rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the state.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has basically given leeway for districts to handle their learning models themselves. Meanwhile, some districts are figuring out ways to handle incoming cases while keeping the rest of their students safe.

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Romeo Community Schools in Macomb County has faced COVID-19 head on. As of Tuesday, out of the 5,200 student population there are around 40 students and staff members in quarantine -- that includes two people from the volleyball team.

The district has worked with the Macomb County Health Department in terms of applying science and resources in contact tracing. According to the tracing information, no students have caught COVID-19 inside the school. Instead, they’re bringing it into the schools from homes, car pools and hanging out with other students.

There is a board meeting being held next week to discuss returning students to the classroom.

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