Detroit officials announce new tax-relief plan

Plan aims to help those who had lost homes in the city

Detroit officials announce new tax-relief plan
Detroit officials announce new tax-relief plan

DETROIT – When the sub-prime bubble popped, an estimated 10,000 Detroiters lost their homes -- many of them because their homes were over-assessed

The Detroit City Council announced a new plan Tuesday that features an eight-part program aimed at giving those who lost their homes a path to owning a new home in Detroit.

The plan is likely to pass as five of the nine councilmembers are co-sponsors.

The program includes:

  • 50% discount on any auction or Detroit Land Bank property
  • Preferential hiring for the City of Detroit
  • Children and grandchildren getting preference to paid youth programs
  • Preferential access to Detroit at work job search and career services
  • Preferential enrollment in the City’s Rehab Academy
  • Preferential enrollment in the Senior home retro-fit program
  • Preference for the occupancy of affordable housing
  • Preferential access to financial counseling

There were a variety of reasons people lost their home. For instance, those who were in arrears for taxes may not be eligible, but if you were in arrears because of the over-assessment, you will be eligible for the programs.

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