Macomb County makes pitch for new US Space Command HQ

Leaders in Macomb County are making a sales pitch to bring a new U.S. Space Command headquarters to southeastern Michigan.

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“Whether or not we win this (bid), we will be recognized for everything we have to deliver for this mission, for the defense of our nation,” said Major General Paul Rogers, Michigan director of Military and Veterans Affairs. “If you look at work force, we have an incredibly talented workforce across southeast Michigan that can contribute. This is a workforce that is not completely engaged in the Space-Com mission to date, so if you go to one of the other sites -- whether it’s Huntsville, Alabama or Colorado Springs -- you’re competing with yourself for the same group of talent. If you come to a place like Michigan, it is wide open. It’s a fresh pool of talent and incredibly deep and experienced pool of talent.”

Major General Rogers also said southeastern Michigan’s strong industrial base and top-notch academic institutions could be appealing factors in the final decision.

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