Letter from Grosse Pointe Park mayor addresses COVID surge

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Here is a letter from Grosse Pointe Park Mayor Bob Denner on Nov. 4, 2020 addressing the coronavirus in the city.

Dear Grosse Pointe Park Residents,

This letter is to highlight the recent increases of COVID-19 cases in our community and to remind all of us to keep ourselves and others safe. Through Tuesday, November 3 Grosse Pointe Park has experienced a total of 193 positive COVID-19 test results and 7 deaths. Fortunately, it has been many months since we have experienced a death of one of our residents, and we are thankful for that. Since October 15 we have seen an increase of 34 reported cases of the virus, 16 cases within the past week. This increase is in contrast to the very slow growth of cases during the summer months, where it was not unusual to go many days without a reported case. These unhappy trends serve to remind us all of the importance of following the guidelines of the CDC and the rules issued by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. A link to the most current information is available on the city web site, grossepointepark.org. I want to emphasize the importance of wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, social distancing and being respectful of others. It is only through all of us doing our part that we can minimize the impact of the pandemic and continue to enjoy and support the many fine local businesses in our community that serve us. I have been proud of our residents throughout this challenging year. I am also grateful to the outstanding work of our city staff in keeping us safe, delivering us service and providing many recreational activities in a safe environment. The fall and winter seasons bring colder weather and all of us will be spending more time indoors. It is more important than ever to be mindful of the health guidelines and rules. Thank you for keeping yourself and your family safe as we enjoy Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

Bob Denner, Mayor of Grosse Pointe Park

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