Detroit autoworker looks to advance in ‘The Voice’ battle rounds

Rio Souma is on Team John Legend

Local autoworker looks to hit it big on 'The Voice'

DETROIT – Rio Souma has gone from working at an auto plant to belting it out on NBC’s The Voice.

Souma is looking to advance in the battle rounds on Monday night’s episode. He said no matter the outcome, it’s still a dream come true. He’s part of Team John Legend.

The 28-year-old made it on the show during the blind auditions. He got three judges to turn around with his rendition of a classic song.

“When the first chair turned it was kind of a blackout,” Souma said.

Souma had three choices but ended up choosing to work with John Legend.

“The way he (John Legend) compliments you, or the way he teaches you. He does the compliment sandwich technique. He tells you something you’re doing awesome and then he’ll tell you what you need to work on and then he’ll top it off with something you’re doing great.”

Fans have started to take notice. The Jefferson Assembly Plant worker is getting recognized everywhere he goes.

“I had one instance where I walked into the barbershop to get a haircut last week. Someone recognized me while I was in the barbers chair and next thing you know, five or six people, they’re all pulling their phones out like, ‘Oh my gosh it’s really you,’” he said.

You can watch Souma battle it out Monday night at 8 p.m. right on Local 4.

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