‘Hood Closed to Gentrifiers’ street sign gains popularity in Detroit neighborhood

Bryce Detroit launches anti-gentrification campaign

DETROIT – A street sign that popped up in Detroit is gaining a lot of attention.

The sign read, “Hood Closed to Gentrifiers” -- addressing a big concern among inner-city neighborhoods across the country.

The man who created the sign is known as Bryce Detroit. He said police took the sign down. For him though, it’s more than just a sign, he says it’s a campaign -- and he’s about to take things up a notch.

Bryce Detroit calls the city’s North End neighborhood home.

“I would describe it as a neighborhood that is steeped in history, steeped in legacy,” Bryce Detroit said. “In particular, Black art and cultural economy.”

Because of his love for the neighborhood, Bryce Detroit had the gentrification road sign installed across from the Historic Apex Bar.

“It’s my own personal policy in regards to land-use in my neighborhood,” he said. “Folks who are foreign to our cultural norms. Folks who are foreign to our neighborhood. In those scenarios, we have experienced people who come under the guise of support.”

The sign’s message gained popularity from area residents. The sign marked the beginning of an anti-gentrification movement.

“We are looking to deploy 22 signs throughout the city. Strategically deploy them,” Bryce Detroit said. “We’re going to keep it hush, hush for right now.”

As he quietly rolls out the next signs to hit the city, the movement continues with the sale of “Hood Closed to Gentrifiers” t-shirts and more.

For Bryce Detroit, it’s time to start talking about Detroit’s neighborhoods and who’s involved in developing them.

Visit Bryce Detroit’s website here for more information.

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