Wayne County ordinance makes street racing a public nuisance

Police can now impound vehicles used in street racing

A street (WDIV)

DETROIT – Street racing has been declared a public nuisance in southeastern Michigan’s Wayne County following a vote by county commissioners.

The new ordinance allows police to impound vehicles and equipment used in street racing. That property also could go through civil forfeiture proceedings.

County Executive Warren Evans said the new measure provides law enforcement with tools to help keep neighborhood streets safe.

“The only safe place to race is at the track under proper conditions,” Evans said. “For their own safety and for the safety of other motorists and pedestrians, would-be racers need to stay off Wayne County streets.

“Street racing does endanger lives, has caused injuries, and fatalities and I have witnessed it first hand,” Evans said. “The measure passed by the Commission provides law enforcement, communities, and neighborhoods with effective tools to combat racing and keep our streets safe.”

Commissioners said they consulted with local law enforcement and determined existing street racing restrictions were insufficient.

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