Jamar’s Jammies: How young man provides pajamas to inner city youth

Jamar Bray is only 23 years old but he has a big heart for giving back.

He gets it from his parents. If his father were alive today, he would be very proud.

“I know he’s watching,” said Bray. “I know my granny’s watching and I just hope that I’m making him proud ... each and every day.”

Bray had a great relationship with his father before he passed away in 2009. His father and mother had always taught him to give back. Two years ago, it was a nickname he was given by his baseball team that gave him a bright idea.

“My nickname on the team is Jammie and I was like ... Jammie? Coats? No. Toys? No. Jammies. Pajamas! Jamar’s Jammies! It clicked in my head like a lightbulb in a cartoon!” he said.

And just like that, Jamar’s Jammies was born to provide pajamas to inner city youth around the holidays. In 2018 he collected 425 pajamas. In 2019 he collected 500. And now for 2020 he’s hoping to surpass last year’s total.

“I knew as a kid the emphasis on pajamas. You wanted your favorite character. You wanted your favorite pajamas for when you run downstairs on Christmas to open up gifts,” said Jamar.

Jamar’s Jammies are collected at Cleary University in Howell where he attended his last two years of schooling as well as All Fields Hitting Baseball Academy in Southfield. They’re then donated to different non-profit organizations including The Children’s Center in Detroit. He does it for the children and because he knows it would make his late father proud.

“Ughhh, man ... I love you. Thank you,” Jamar said fighting back tears. “You’re with me every day. I miss you a lot.”

You can donate pajamas to Jamar’s Jammies at Cleary University in Howell or at All Fields Hitting Baseball Academy located at 21315 Bridge Street in Southfield.

How to send pajamas

Pajamas can be shipped to Cleary University -- Attention: Jamar’s Jammies -- they can be added to the drop box.

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