Michigan Legislative Black Caucus members say they’ve been the target of threats

Tensions are high after plot to kidnap, kill Gov. Whitmer was revealed

LANSING, Mich. – Black lawmakers in Lansing said they’ve been the target of threats.

Members of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus are highlighting physical and death threats made toward members of the caucus.

“We have seen unfortunately during this current political climate where people are resorting to more than just words, they’re actually giving threats of violence against individuals,” Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence said.

Lawrence said that’s the nature of their business, but tensions are high after the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

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“It’s bigger than just here in Michigan, it’s around the country. It’s so heartbreaking. We’re all looking over our shoulder and this has to stop.”

Lawrence described the details of the threats.

“‘Watch where you’re going. Don’t come outside.’ Things like, ‘You’re going to pay for this,’ and ‘I’m watching you.’ When we see, how it has escalated, around the country, we have to pay attention to it.”

The caucus has reported the threats to law enforcement.

“I’m absolutely sure that there’s been reports made of threats that rise to that level of concern, and I expect them to do their job, and I have no doubt that they won’t,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said as representatives of the people and the state of Michigan, they have a job to do.

“I want my colleagues, the Black Caucus, the Democratic Caucus, Republican Caucus -- I want all of them, to be able to do their work in a safe way, without fearing for their lives,” said Lawrence.

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