Metro Detroit school leaders urge residents to cancel holiday plans so in-person learning can resume

CDC urges residents to get tested before and after holiday gatherings

School leaders: Cancel holiday plans so in-person learning can resume

DETROIT – School officials said it’s simple -- cancelling in-person holiday gatherings greatly raises the odds of in-person learning in January.

Multiple school districts across Metro Detroit returned elementary school to face-to-face education so that they can squeeze in a little in-person learning before winter break. Parents and teachers are split on the decision as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

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The key to returning students to school safely rest with all of us, whether we have children or not.

For every teacher and parent who said it’s not safe to have students and teachers in classrooms together when coronavirus is rampantly spreading, there are parents and teachers who demand the schools figure it out. The leads to frustration for administrators and decision makers who are following the science.

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Holiday break will be a critical time and administrators are begging the community to not think of their own wants or politics because every time people gather with others outside their own household, they run a greater risk of spreading the virus and schools will struggle to provide in-person learning after the winter break.

You can watch Paula Tutman’s full story in the video above.

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