Former Detroit Lions star Herman Moore helps Salvation Army with the ‘$84,000 Challenge’

The $84,000 Challenge calls for Salvation Army supporters to donate $84, $184, $840, $8,400 or any other monetary donation they are able to provide

The $84,000 Challenge calls for Salvation Army supporters to donate $84, $184, $840, $8,400 or any other monetary donation they are able to provide

With Christmas around the corner, the Salvation Army is scrambling to help families in need across Michigan.

The pandemic has hit them hard -- there are fewer kettles in front of stores, but more people in need -- so they called in some help with Detroit Lions’ great Herman Moore.

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With not much time left and so much need to be filled, the Salvation Army turned to this year’s Corporate Red Kettle Chair Harman Moore to see if he could inspire some extra donations. And he’s done just that with what he’s calling the $84,000 Challenge to help the nonprofit rescue Christmas.

“There are a lot of people hurting,” Moore said. “Not because of anything they have done themselves but because of the nature of the state we’re in as a country and definitely as a state.”

Some of the Detroit Lions’ best days and happiest memories involved Barry Sanders and Moore. Back then, Moore wore jersey number 84 -- and he’s using that as the basis for his special Salvation Army promotion.

“Donations can be made in increments of $84, $840 and the for first person to donate $8,400, I’ll sign an authentic throwback jersey of mine from 1996 as a token just to say ‘Thank you for their generosity and support for this cause,’” Moore said.

Metro Detroit’s charitably-minded are standing by Moore’s side in this.

Salvation Army Major Timothy Meyer has another incentive for people to get involved.

“We are so blessed that an anonymous donor is also doubling all the income during this $84,000 Challenge,” Meyer said. “It’s a really good opportunity for people to stretch their donation to the Salvation Army.”

The challenge will end Monday, but the Salvation Army could use any donations. Individuals can contribute to Herman Moore’s $84,000 Challenge by:

  • Donating to his custom Virtual Red Kettle
  • Texting GIFT to 24365
  • Using contactless Kettle Pay at physical red kettles via Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Donating money via an online or physical red kettle
  • Visiting
  • Calling 877-SAL-MICH

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