Photographer who climbed Ambassador, Mackinac bridges arrested in Arizona

‘Driftershoots’ faces second-degree burglary charge

Photographer who climbed Ambassador, Mackinac bridges arrested in Arizona

Though his photos are impressive, one military veteran -- known for his daring photo shoots -- says his photography has landed him in jail.

Known as “Driftershoots” online and on Instagram, the veteran says he has been traveling as a photographer “nonstop” since April 2020. Metro Detroiters may be familiar with photos he, allegedly, took on top of the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit and on top of the Mackinac Bridge.

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Recently, Driftershoots was arrested in Arizona while on his way to Las Vegas with some friends. The photographer says he was in slow traffic on a highway when he saw a helicopter in the air and state troopers driving backward on the highway.

“They got me out of the car with rifles pointing at me, and (another) gun to the back of my head,” the photographer said during a phone interview with Local 4 from jail. “They said they were arresting me on a nationwide warrant.”

The veteran says he’s currently being treated as a terrorist due to his military background. He was reportedly told that he’s considered a “viable threat,” and that he has “counter intelligence on the ground.”

Though his public photos would lead some to argue he’s breaking the law, the photographer says that is not his intention.

“My intentions are always to only create my art and share my art with the world and never to hurt peoples’ property or anything on those lines,” Driftershoots said. “I intended to show people the world in a light that they never seen before. As far as the legality of things, I can’t speak to that at this time.”

The man says he is being charged with second-degree burglary, which is a felonious offense. He is slated to be extradited back to Ohio, where he could soon face charged.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the photographer’s legal expenses.

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