Police rescue mom, 4-year-old son stuck inside Brownstown car wash

Icy conditions left vehicle unable to leave car wash

BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Rebecca Hodge said it was a normal trip to the Brownstown Automatic Car Wash on Telegraph Road.

Her 4-year old son, Zachary, was just released from the hospital. Rebecca said he’s been going through chemotherapy and she wanted to give him a different view besides the inside of a hospital room.

“My 4-year-old son was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, which is a rare childhood cancer,” Hodge said.

Plus her car was dirty, so she wanted to get it washed.

“I’ve used this car wash before,” Hodge said. “It’s a local-owned company and I never ever had a problem. My vehicle was washed. Everything worked properly until I went to leave. When I went to leave, that was a whole different scenario.”

Her car became stuck on the ice.

Local 4 obtained the 911 call.

911: “What’s your emergency?

Hodge: “Yes, I’m stuck in a car wash.”

911: “OK, where are you at?”

Hodge: “I’m at Telegraph between, I’m kind of kiddy corner to the Brownstown Police Station.”

“When I went to pull forward to grip traction -- because there was cement there -- there was a sheet of ice, so my front tires spun,” said Hodge.

Hodge said that’s when a part of the car wash machine allegedly slammed into her car. It was definitely something different for Brownstown Police Chief Jeff Watson.

“We don’t often get calls to rescue people from car wash,” Watson said. “The officers were able to figure out a way to get her out of there and get her out of that bad situation.”

“It took them about five minutes to get my vehicle out,” said Hodge.

Rebecca Hodge wanted to thank the two officers who helped her, Officers Camille Glidden and Erik Mott. Hodge said she’s dealing with her insurance company to fix the damage to her car.

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