Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day recognizes importance of grocery store workers

Employees continue working during COVID pandemic

DETROIT – Grocery store workers put their lives on the line to ensure that everyone had access to food throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monday is officially Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day. A day to recognize the role that Michigan grocery store workers played throughout the pandemic.

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Krystal Asher is a cashier. Asher has worked at Mike’s Fresh Market for the past four years. She worked through all of the coronavirus pandemic.

Asher was back at work again on Monday. Asher is a mother of five and her fiancé also works at a grocery store. For Asher, she said she feels safe going to work every day now.

According to the Food Industry Association, there are 141,000 food retail jobs in Michigan. Monday is a day to be appreciative of all the work they do.

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