Road commission investigates sinkhole on busy Clarkston road after video goes viral

Clarkston man records himself investigating deep pothole in viral video

CLARKSTON, Mich. – A Clarkston man became concerned when he noticed a pothole on a busy road, so he tested its depth with a PVC pipe.

“I thought it was a regular pothole, and the more I inspected it, there was no bottom,” said resident Josh Turcsak.

Turcsak grabbed a long pipe from his garage and recorded a video of him lowering the pipe into the hole on Clarkston Road -- and that video went viral.

“It was so wild because I was doing the Facebook Live and maybe half a dozen people were on while I was doing it,” Turcsak said.

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The video grabbed the curiosity of others as well, many wondering if it could be the beginning of a sink hole.

“This is a pretty busy road. I would speculate about 10,000 cars a day,” Turcsak said.

The Clarkson man is also concerned about his neighbor’s home after investigating the pothole.

“First it was the road cave-in, and then as the curiosity got the better of me, I was worried about my neighbor’s house foundation because I don’t know where that water or soil goes to,” Turcsak said.

Local 4 reached out to the Oakland County Road Commission. A spokesperson said there is an old culvert or cement tube that runs underneath the road and the top of it broke off, but there is still a ditch. The Oakland County Road Commission also said there is no danger to the public and that the road is not going to collapse.

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