Police arrest 2 men who stole bricks while posing as demolition workers

Men were on probation for the same crime when arrested Friday

Saturday, March 6, 2021 news brief

DETROIT – On Friday, police arrested two people for stripping bricks from a city owned building in the 4000 block of Whitney in Detroit.

According to Detroit police, on Friday neighbors in the area voiced concern about two men who were pulling down scrap bricks from an abandoned building and contacted the Detroit Land Bank.

When police arrived to the area they witnessed the men piling the bricks on four wooden pallets.

Police approached and spoke with the men who claimed they were demolition workers and authorized to be there.

Once police investigated more they learned both of the men did not have official paperwork.

Both were arrested and jailed. Police say the vehicle they were in was towed away.

The men were both arrested while already on probation for the same crime. In that situation the two pleaded guilty to larceny.

No charges have been announced. The case will be referred to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

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