Some Metro Detroit businesses struggle to find employees during COVID pandemic

Preferred Packaging Solutions struggles to keep up with demand

Manufacturers struggle to hire amid virus fears, high unemployment benefits

TAYLOR, Mich. – Some businesses are thriving during the coronavirus by producing products that are in high demand, but they’re struggling to find people willing to work.

Craig Van Riper is the CEO of Preferred Packaging Solutions in Taylor. They make cardboard boxes, which are in high demand during the pandemic as shopping has turned to shipping. Riper said there are not enough people working so the company is struggling to keep up with demand.

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Manufacturing businesses face the challenge of filling vacant jobs because they need to be done in person. COVID-19 is the biggest influence that has kept many workers at home.

Stimulus checks and additional unemployment benefits have proven to be a lifeline of survival for many families. In some cases, $10 to $17 an hour is only 50 to 70 percent of current unemployment benefits.

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