Police search for burglar after family heirlooms stolen from Warren home

A family in Warren was left heartbroken after a thief took something priceless from them.

WARREN, Mich. – A family in Warren was left heartbroken after a thief took something priceless from them.

The homeowner said everything happened in her Warren neighborhood Friday afternoon. She left her home to go to Home Depot and that’s when the thief went into the back of her home and stole her precious jewelry. She says everything happened in about 30 minutes, but the good news is it was all recorded on her security camera.

Update: Heirlooms stolen from Warren family located at pawn shop

“Somebody had kicked it in because half the door, the door frame, the wall was all distorted and broken,” said Marilyn Maceri. “It was drywall all over the floor,”

That’s what Marilyn Maceri saw when she returned home from the store.

“I walked in and I knew something was wrong, so when I went in I started yelling, ‘Anybody here? Anyone here?’ There were no answers,” said Maceri.

She called police and instantly started investigating. Maceri searched her security video and saw a man walking through her home while she was gone.

“We saw him walk into the door into the kitchen. He went directly through the kitchen and turned right immediately towards the bedroom,” Maceri said. “He either knew the lay out of the house because it’s very similar. These are all similar homes.”

It was in her bedroom where he emptied her drawers and closets -- everything was a mess. Then she realized he stole her precious jewelry.

“He took the most important, the most beautiful heirlooms -- that I had -- was given from my mother, who passed away 10 years ago and my Godmother, who passed away a few years ago. These are things that I will never be able to get back,” Maceri said. “I had a beautiful heart-shaped necklace made of diamonds with a amethyst in the middle. Earrings that were hoop earrings with diamonds on them. My mother’s diamond earrings, they had the twist tie backs to them. I had just purchased a beautiful little gold cross for my granddaughter. I was going to give to her for her birthday next month. He took that as well.”

She has a message for the man that broke into her home.

“You didn’t just take from me jewelry, you took these precious, beautiful things that my mother gave to me. My grandmother, my godmother gave to me that I cherished,” Maceri said. “Shame on you.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Warren Police Department at 586-474-4700.

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