Heirlooms stolen from Warren family located at pawn shop

Burglary victims, Warren police team up to find some of family's stolen jewelry
Burglary victims, Warren police team up to find some of family's stolen jewelry

WARREN, Mich. – Just days ago, Marilyn Maceri was suffering from the loss of family heirlooms stolen right out of her home, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Original Story: Police search for burglar after family heirlooms stolen from Warren home

“I was angry at first. Some of it’s my moms. Some of it was my grandma’s. It was gifts from people,” Marilyn recalled.

The burglary was captured on camera. Not even a week later, that same man seen in video, 31-year-old Trevor Shanks, along with Julie Charbeneau have been arrested for pawning some of the jewels. Turns out Shanks has a long rap sheet with a history home invasions and armed robberies.

Most of the groundwork to identify the suspect was from Marilyn’s son, Matthew, who ended up calling every pawn shop in the area.

“I did a lot of research while the cops were investigating on their end. I did things on my end and we had a joint effort going on and we resolved it really quick,” said Matthew.

But here’s the problem, Motor City Pawn Brokers have technically purchased $2,200 dollars worth of jewelry that’s now basically in limbo.

“Guess it’s Michigan law that because they purchased it in good faith, that I have to purchase it back from them,” added Marilyn.

Marilyn’s now hoping the laws surrounding these circumstances can be changed as she debates what to do next.

“I don’t feel that it’s right. I mean, I have to purchased my own jewelry back after it was stolen. I don’t know how I’m going to get it back just yet,” Marilyn explained.

“It is evidence. It is on hold. It’s not going to go anywhere and she will get it back. It’s just a matter of time to when she gets it back,” said Detective James Schwab.

Despite all that, Marilyn is saying she hopes that Shanks gets the help that he needs.

Police are still working hard to find the rest of the jewelry. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Warren Police Department at 586-474-4700.

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