Police seminar featuring controversial ‘Killology’ speaker Dave Grossman canceled in Novi

Seminar was scheduled for May at Oak Pointe Church

Police seminar featuring controversial speaker canceled in Novi

NOVI, Mich. – A police seminar scheduled to take place in Novi next month has been canceled after people learned about one of the keynote speakers.

Retired Col. Dave Grossman has talked about taking a human life in several clips circulating the internet. But the executive director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police (MACP) said the clips are taken out of context.

“He’s teaching the psychology of how to kill,” said Walter Crider, who has been retired for more than three years from the Michigan State Police.

Crider saw three of Grossman’s seminars during his 27 years with state police in their full context.

“When we talk about creating situations of killing, that’s just not appropriate. There’s other avenues in terms of being able to accomplish the objective, and the objective is public safety, protecting our public,” he said.

Others felt it would be inappropriate for someone touting a company named “Killology” to speak at a church. That led to calls and online comments to Oak Pointe Church in Novi. After speaking with MACP, both decided it was best to cancel.

The MACP said Grossman was being brought in to talk specifically about helping cops work through the trauma and psychological effects of shootings.

MACP officials said the event could be rescheduled again with Grossman as there are efforts being made to get Grossman and his critics together to address the controversy.

The church says it will not host Grossman in the future.

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