Detroit Pistons host vaccine clinic with legendary players, food, giveaways and more

‘The sooner this happens, the sooner we can get back to being normal,’

DETROIT – The Detroit Pistons did their part to make sure people were vaccinated Saturday.

They held a clinic at the Pistons Performance Center and featured some pretty famous faces.

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Brian Carter brought his mom to the event to get vaccinated.

“She was probably the driving force of us getting the shots today,” Carter said. “It’s a great facility. It’s my first time down here. I just wanted to come out and get the shot.”

He knew he couldn’t leave without NBA great and Detroit Pistons community ambassador Earl “The Twirl” Cureton’s autograph.

“I want to do everything I can, growing up in this community, to convince people it’s safe to come out here and get the shot,” Cureton said.

The Pistons’ legend got his vaccine and is urging others to do the same.

“The sooner this happens, the sooner we can get back to being normal,” Cureton said. “I want to be around where I can shake hands and see people and talk to people again.”

The city partnered with the Pistons in the hopes of boosting vaccination rates. Detroit is lagging behind other cities with only about 30% vaccinated.

“When I see the empty chairs, it tells me we still have an opportunity to reach individuals that have not been reached,” said Christie Laster, with Blue Cross Blue Shield. “We have an opportunity to educate, so talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends, talk to your friends, spread the word that access is now here.”

Brianna Neace had been on the fence, but decided to get vaccinated to protect her family.

“I’ve had a a lot of anxiety and hesitation about it even though I know how important it is,” Neace said. “I feel like in some small way I’ve did my part.”

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