Man shatters police car window from inside by kicking it 29 times with bare feet -- see video here

Rocky Hernandez accused of damaging police property

Rocky Hernandez kicking out the window of a Troy police car. (Troy Police Department)

TROY, Mich. – A man arrested during a bizarre series of events at a Troy hotel kicked the window of a police cruiser 29 times with his bare feet, shattering the glass, video shows.

Rocky Hernandez, 27, came into contact with Troy police after his wife called about her brother and cousin being too loud and disturbing her in a hotel room at the Hawthorn Suites on Livernois Road, according to authorities.

While Hernandez’s wife spoke to officers, they realized she had a full extradition warrant out of Miami-Dade County, Florida, for narcotics and a Computerized Criminal History for loitering, multiple offenses of drug paraphernalia and multiple offenses of narcotic possession.

Officials in Miami-Dade County originally said they would pick the woman up, so she was put in handcuffs and placed in the back of a patrol vehicle, Troy police said.

Her cousin, Justin Vita-Purnell, who was later arrested for a slew of possible crimes, told Hernandez what had happened, according to the case report. The two men charged down to the lobby and walked aggressively toward officers, police said.

Authorities said Hernandez also had a full extradition warrant out of Miami-Dade County for narcotics. Miami-Dade County officials said they would also pick Hernandez up, so Troy police said they put him in handcuffs and placed him in a police car.

Officials said Hernandez showed a Computerized Criminal History for domestic violence, multiple offenses of battery, multiple offenses of cocaine possession, multiple offenses of grand theft larceny, multiple offenses of burglary, multiple offenses of resist officer, fleeing and eluding, robbery, firearm offenses and a felony firearm violation from October 2020 in Michigan.

Police cruiser video

Troy police released a video from inside the cruiser that shows Hernandez yelling at officers and eventually kicking the window so many times that it shattered.

Click here and scroll down to view video of Hernandez’s wife inside a different police car.

Here’s the full transcription from the Hernandez video:

Hernandez: “Hey, don’t be touching my ******* wife, ******.”

Officer: “Tell her not to ******* kick me.”

Hernandez: “No, I don’t give a ****, ******. That’s a woman. Don’t be touching no ******* woman, ******.”

Officer: “If she kicks me again --”

Hernandez: “I don’t give a ****, ******. What the **** is wrong with you? Don’t be touching my wife, man. You’re wrong for that, bro. You’re wrong for that. You’re a cop. You don’t touch no female. Let her do her job. ******* stupid-*** *******. Why don’t you do that to me? Come on. You look at my record yet? Yeah. This **** ain’t sweet. Look at me. Look, look. Hey, you better watch out.”

Then, Hernandez can be seen shouldering the window three times after his wife can be heard yelling something from the other police car. He then leaned back and kicked the window 29 times -- 27 times with just his right foot and twice with both feet.

On the final kick with both feet, the window shattered and Hernandez leaned out the opening to yell at officers again.

Hernandez: “Don’t be ******* with my *****, bro. Don’t be ******* with my *****, dog. That’s my girl, dog.”

Then, more of Hernandez’s body can be seen stretching out the window. It’s not clear if he leaned farther out or if he was being wrestled back into the car by officers.

Hernandez: “Don’t be ******* with my *****, dog.”

Officer: “(Indiscernible.) Try it.”

Hernandez: “Don’t be touching her, dog. You’re a man. You’re a man.”

Officer: “**** you. Tell her not to kick me.”

Hernandez: “Then don’t touch her. Leave her alone.”

Officer: “Yeah, you’re ****** now. You’re gonna be.”

Hernandez: “I don’t give a ****, man. I’m going to prison regardless.”

Officer: “Yepp.”

Hernandez: “You know that.”

Officer: “Yepp.”

Hernandez: “Don’t you think I know that?”

Officer: “(Indiscernible.)

Hernandez: “**** it. That’s my wife, though. Don’t be hitting my wife.”

Officer: “No one ******* hit her.”

Hernandez: “You hit my wife, ******. I saw you.”

Officer: “Shut the **** up.”

Hernandez: “You hit my wife.”

Officer: “Really?”

Hernandez: “I seen you. I seen you, yeah.”

Officer: “No, I pushed her back.”

Hernandez: “No, you hit her.”

Officer: “How the **** did I hit her? It’s on ******* camera.”

Hernandez: “I saw you punch her. I saw you punch her. Touch my ******* wife like that, man. What’s wrong with you?”

You can see the full video below. NOTE: The video has been edited, but there is still some strong language.

Troy police are seeking a warrant for malicious destruction of police property against Hernandez. He is also facing possible punishment from Miami-Dade County authorities, officials said.

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