Will Canadians be able to get COVID vaccine inside Windsor-Detroit tunnel? A plan is underway

Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Corporation approves closure of Canadian side

Vaccine push on Canadian border
Vaccine push on Canadian border

DETROIT – There is a plan to hold COVID-19 vaccination clinics in the tunnel connecting Windsor and Detroit so that Canadians can receive unused vaccines.

The Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Corporation unanimously approved the closure of the Canadian side of the tunnel, according to CBC.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens set up a waitlist for Windsor residents interested in receiving their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and so far at least 6,000 people have signed up, according to the report.

Dilkens came up with the tunnel idea after he and other Windsor officials contacted the Canadian government to request access to unused U.S. vaccines that were on the verge of expiring. The vaccines from Michigan will be offered to Canadians who have had the first dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca, according to the report.

Currently, only 5% of Canada is fully vaccinated against COVID and no more than 70% has received a single dose. If Canadians could get vaccinated at a border crossing with surplus U.S. vaccines it would go a long way toward reopening the border between the two nations.

Canada and the United States share more than 5,000 miles of borders by land, lake, rivers and roads.

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