Parents protest over roofing issues at Madison Heights high school

Bond proposal failed last year, School board has not yet presented new one

Parents protest school board meeting over leaky roof in Madison Heights

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – The roof on Madison High School hadn’t been replaced since 1997, but patchwork was done over the winter.

Some parents in Madison Heights think it’s a health hazard, and not only protested outside the school board’s meeting but also put together a video showing damage inside and out.

“I am concerned with the condition of the building that have continuously gotten worse over the last three years,” parent Nanette Basler told the board.

The Madison District Public Schools sent out an request for proposal (RFP) at the end of last year to fix the roof but money is an issue. The last bond proposal failed and the current board has not come up with a new one.

The district is inviting those interested in seeing the patchwork that has been done and the current state of Madison High School to attend a walkthrough of the building on Thursday, June 10.

Watch the full report in the video above.

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