‘You have the wrong house’ -- Detroit family lives in fear after group shoots up home

‘I don’t know who you’re looking for here but they’re not here’

'You've got the wrong house': Family living in fear after shooters target Detroit home

DETROIT – A family is living in fear after their home on Detroit’s west side was shot up and those responsible keep coming back.

The house, located on Dale Street, was shot up in early June. The family said the suspects have come back multiple times since.

Mia Banks said she was sleeping with her grandchildren when the group opened fire on the house.

“It just sounded like a bomb, like bombs,” Banks said. “Like the house was tumbling down.”

While Banks’ home was being shot up, she said she was focused on protecting her grandchildren -- three girls who hid with their grandmother as she yelled for a neighbor to call police.

“I’m like, ‘Help me, please help me. They just shot my house up and my grandkids are in here,’” Banks recalled. “I opened the window to let them out the window but they were scared to go out.”

After Detroit police arrived, Banks watched her doorbell camera and realized the gravity of what happened.

“To watch the video, it was how it was going down, I was terrified,” Banks said. “I was just, I don’t know, just, I felt like others feel.”

The shooting was on June 4. A few days later, another man walked up to the front door and rang the bell.

“He looked at the house, he looked up the driveway, then he walks and he comes to my front porch,” Banks recalled. “He rings my doorbell. As soon as he rung the doorbell, he steps down and he stands on the pavement. The whole time he’s on the phone.”

Banks said they have the wrong house and that they’re looking for someone that doesn’t live at the residence.

“Whoever you are, just stop coming here. Stop,” Banks said. “I don’t know who you looking for here but they not here.”

Banks said she is selling her house because she fears she won’t feel safe at the residence anymore.

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