New Detroit fitness event promoting exercise, healthier living in minority communities

Black Health Movement is a new culturally inclusive non-profit

New Detroit fitness event promoting exercise
New Detroit fitness event promoting exercise

DETROIT – A new fitness event in downtown Detroit is promoting exercise and healthier living particularly in Black and brown communities.

Organizers of Black Health Movement are concerned with the rates of diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

The first three hour workout event took place Saturday. The non-profit hopes it will become a monthly practice.

Families joined fitness stations along a mile and a half trek around downtown Detroit for a variety of exercises offered by experienced trainers. Promoting health and wellness and tackling racial health disparities with every squat.

“Black Health Movement, it’s a social movement taking all the difficulties and obstacles out and making it accessible for everybody,” said Eugene Thomas, a Black Health Movement organizer.

Black Health Movement is a new culturally inclusive non-profit trying to lower the number of Black and brown people with chronic diseases.

“Diabetes leads to heart attack and stroke, obesity, hypertension obviously leads to a lot of heart conditions, so it’s very concerning,” said Thomas.

Leading by example, one participant named Audrey brought her two young children so they could work out together at Campus Martius.

“Coming home setting that example, but showing others too you’re capable of doing it, just trying to set an example for everybody as well as the children,” said Audrey.

Getting started early is key and for these kids exercise is a routine part of their lifestyle. A variety of low impact but challenging exercises can go a long way.

“I broke out a little sweat myself, but it was a great time, great energy, people happy to be here,” said another participant.

With activities spread out across downtown Detroit the next Saturday Fitness Fest will be from 9 a.m. to noon on the second Saturday in July and August.

“Detroit hasn’t always been seen in the most positive light, however things like this show how incredible the community is, and even if you’re not somebody who likes to workout we’ll meet you at your pace and work together,” the participant added.

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If you are interested in registering for the event, click here.

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