Detroit man who shames illegal dumpers on social media sees latest video get deleted

Pommerville helps keep Brightmoor Neighborhood clean

Detroiter who shames illegal dumpers on Facebook sees latest video get deleted
Detroiter who shames illegal dumpers on Facebook sees latest video get deleted

DETROITJonathan Pommerville has spent years publicly shaming illegal dumpers on Facebook but now he’s going to have to find a new tactic to curb illegal dumping.

Facebook deleted one of his more recent videos and said that he was violating Facebook’s policy. Pommerville has done a lot to clean up the Brightmoor Neighborhood -- but he’s also caused controversy.

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Pommerville uses social media to track down people to clean up the messes they leave behind. In a recent post he made, photos of the trash included a label that had someone’s name, number and address on it. That violates a Facebook policy for privacy.

“I am in Facebook jail because of that post,” Pommerville said.

Pommerville said the law is on his side.

“As soon as your information is dumped on the street it becomes public information at that point,” he said.

When Pommerville finds a name or number in an illegal dump he posts it, calls the person -- but doesn’t accuse them of being the dumpers.

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