Camera crusader fights illegal dumping in Detroit neighborhood

Illegal dumping leaves eyesores and safety hazards. Many Detroit residents get upset that others feel they can leave their trash wherever they want. 

"I know you guys are going to pick all of this back up. I know you guys are going to pick all of this up," said Jonathan Pommerville. 

It's a confrontation, Pommerville said he's willing to do everything someone dumps anything in his neighborhood.

"JH 26A4F. What are you guys doing? This is not helping out our city," said Pommerville. 

Pommerville asked those tough questions to the three guys he said dumped tires near an abandoned home in his neighborhood.

"When I got out here, I could see that the truck was parked up to this pile over here. There were three guys just throwing a bunch of tires out," Pommerville said. "I confronted them asking ‘What are you guys doing?' and they quickly stopped what they were doing and got in their trucks and took off."

But before driving off, Pommerville quickly identified the truck.

"That's one thing we have to do is get it on video because my memory isn't so good but the video can't be disputed. We were able to get the identifiers on the top right corner of the Uhaul. That's very important, if you want to identify a UHaul. JH26A4F. 3 males. Thank you very much guys. You guys are in trouble. Don't run me over."

Pommerville said he knows police are cracking down on illegal dumping but they can't do it alone.

"It's not just the police that's their responsibility, it's our responsibility as citizens to say hey this is not going to be happening in our neighborhood. We got to stand up," Pommerville said.

About the Author:

Larry Spruill

Larry Spruill Jr. joined the Local 4 News team in january 2018. He grew up as a military kid because his father is a retired Chief of the United States Air Force. Larry graduated from Valdosta State University in Georgia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Mass Media. Before coming to Detroit, he worked at WJAX in Jacksonville, Florida.