Jim Brandstatter defends Bo Schembechler amid claims he knew about U-M doctor’s abuse

Schembechler family releases statement in response to allegations

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Jim Brandstatter, the Michigan football play-by-play announcer is defending Bo Schembechler against allegations that the late Michigan football coach knew about athletes being sexually abused by Dr. Robert Anderson.

This comes after the son of Schembechler, Matt Schembechler, claimed he told his father about the alleged abuse by Anderson.

Details: Son of Bo Schembechler says he told his father about abuse by Dr. Robert Anderson

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“I got tremendous sympathy for those who suffered the misconduct of Dr. Anderson. Don’t get me wrong there that conduct is inexcusable, but in my opinion to tie Bo to that is also wrong, especially just on allegations. Let’s face it, Bo is being connected with no real documentable proof,” said Brandstatter.

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During his weekend WWJ Radio appearance Brandstatter stated he does not believe Matt Schembechler’s account.

Matt Schembechler claimed he was a 10-year-old who rode his bike alone to a sports physical, ended up molested by Dr. Anderson and that his father punched him in the chest upon hearing about the abuse.

Brandstatter says it does not add up.

“If Bo knew about this stuff, there is no way it would have continued especially with his own family, that stuff in my judgement just wouldn’t happen,” said Brandstatter.

Schembechler died 15 years ago and cannot defend himself.

“My defense of Bo’s integrity and character should carry as much weight, I think anyway, there are others out there who don’t think so, but carry as much weight as his accusers. In law, isn’t every accused afforded the right to a vigorous defense? Well Bo is gone now and he has no defense,” said Brandstatter.

Read full Schembechler family letter

The family of Bo Schembechler released a letter Tuesday, defending him from recent criticism surrounding his handling of claims about the reported sexual abuse.

On Tuesday, Cathy, Glenn and Megan Schembechler issued a letter to share their side of the story. You can read the full letter below.

DETAILS: Family of Bo Schembechler issues letter defending him amid criticism of his handling of doctor abuse claims

The Michigan Sexual Assault Hotline offers anonymous assistance and support without judgement. It can be reached at 855-864-2374.

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