Allen Park man living with his wife, daughter tried to entice young girls for sex on Instagram, FBI says

Anthony Girard accused of trying to produce child porn, coerce minor

Anthony John-Hamernik Girard (Sex Offender Registry)

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – An Allen Park man who lives with his wife and daughter was caught having sexual conversations with young girls on Instagram and trying to lure them to meet up for sex, according to the FBI.

Criminal history

Court records show Anthony John-Hamernik Girard, 30, of Allen Park, was required to register as a sex offender after an incident in 2013.

Girard was charged with three counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct after he entered into a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl, according to authorities.

Police said Girard worked as a student monitor at a high school in Dearborn, and he met the 16-year-old girl who was in a special education class. Girard picked her up from school multiple times and drove her to different spots to engage in sexual acts, according to officials.

Records show Girard entered into a plea deal in which he pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated indecent exposure, and the criminal sexual conduct charges were dropped.

WARNING: Some of the details described below are disturbing.

Chat with undercover officer

On May 26, 2021, the FBI was contacted by a detective from the Perrysburg Police Department in Ohio. The detective said someone working in an undercover role had matched with a user on Omegle.

Omegle is a chat platform that allows users to chat using text or video, according to authorities. The undercover detective and the account matched on Jan. 5, police said.

When the person behind the account asked how old the other user was, the undercover detective responded that it was a girl who would turn 15 years old on Jan. 11. The user told the girl he was 30 years old and lived in Toledo, Ohio, court records show.

The user asked to move the conversation to Instagram, so the detective provided an Instagram username. The Instagram account received a message from user “Youngmuny1234,” FBI officials said.

The account user asked if the girl was a virgin and requested a picture, police said. The detective sent a picture that was age regressed and appeared to show a minor female, court records show.

When “Youngmuny1234″ asked for nude pictures, the detective declined, saying that a friend had sent nude pictures to someone online and gotten in trouble, authorities said.

The two discussed meeting up for sex, and “Youngmuny1234″ continued to ask for nude pictures, according to officials.

Here are some of the messages included in the criminal complaint:

Undercover account: Sent a photograph showing her face.

Youngmuny1234: “Any with less clothing?”

UA: “Lol prob not. U asking for nudes? I don’t do that a friend of mine got burned.”

Youngmuny1234: “Lol I delete pics after I view them”

Youngmuny1234: “Are you on birth control”

UA: “Lol no”

“Youngmuny1234″ also asked if she would want him to wear protection if they engaged in sex and discussed locations where they could meet. He also described in graphic detail some of the sex acts he would perform, according to the criminal complaint.

Officials said “Youngmuny1234″ offered to drive to Perrysburg to meet the girl.

At one point, the undercover detective said, “Lots of pic requests but u r sending me nothin,” and received a partially nude picture showing private parts, according to authorities.

In the picture, officials said they could see a ring on a man’s ring finger, as well as crutches propped against a wall in the background. There was an open door showing a hallway the a light-colored hardwood and white-trimmed baseboard, according to the complaint.

The two stopped chatting Jan. 12, and “Youngmuny1234″ never traveled to Perrysburg, officials said.

13-year-old girl

FBI officials obtained a search warrant from Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, for the “Youngmuny1234″ account, in January.

While reviewing the data on Feb. 1, an FBI agent saw the account was trying to chat with a 13-year-old girl.

When the account told the girl that she was attractive and that he was 30 years old, the child called him a “dumb b****” and said to “go f*** yourself be ashamed,” according to the criminal complaint.

Child sends nude photos

Officials said the “Youngmuny1234″ account interacted with a 16-year-old girl on Dec. 29, 2020. The two appeared to have met on Omegle and chatted on Instagram.

They talked about having sex, and “Youngmuny1234″ asked the child for nude photos, according to police. She sent nude photos on multiple occasions, court records show.

Tracking down Girard

Authorities obtained the IP addresses used by “Youngmuny1234″ and traced them to a home in Allen Park.

A search of the Michigan Sex Offender Registry for the address indicated that Girard was living there, and his employment address matched a company that he worked for.

On Friday (June 18), police served a search warrant at the home in Allen Park. Girard was at the home with his wife, his daughter and his brother-in-law, according to police.

Girard denied using any social media other than Twitter, then invoked his right to counsel when officials mentioned the “Youngmuny1234″ account on Instagram, the criminal complaint says.

Officials said they saw Girard wearing a ring that resembled the one sent to the undercover detective in the nude photo. They also identified the room where the photo was taken -- including a crutch in the closet, the hardwood floors and baseboard -- authorities said.

Girard’s wife agreed to look at the nude photograph and confirmed it was his wedding ring, officials said. She identified the room in the background of the picture and said she had used a crutch after surgery, and sometimes placed the crutch in the location where it’s seen in the picture.

The criminal complaint concludes that there’s probable cause that Girard attempted to produce child pornography, attempted to coerce and entice a minor and committed a felony office when required to register as a sex offender.

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