Detroit city officials respond to claims of large numbers of dogs getting sick at city facility

City of Detroit responds to claims of dogs getting sick in large numbers at facility

DETROIT – The Detroit Dog Rescue is reportedly meeting animal control trucks on the street to take in dogs to avoid them having to be taken in at the Detroit Animal Care and Control’s facility.

The Detroit Dog Rescue said it fears that Detroit’s animal facility is so old that dogs held there are getting sick.

Mark Kumph, the director of Detroit Animal Care and Control said there is a common respiratory issue with the dogs, but that it’s not deadly and that taking dogs out of the crowded facility isn’t new.

A full-time veterinarian treats every dog that’s sick in the Detroit facility. The Detroit Dog Rescue taking in dogs is a help, Kumph said.

“They showed up. They called and asked if they could take dogs, we said ‘Sure,’” Kumph said. “They took four. Just like any other group, you know where we are.”

Both Detroit Animal Care and Control and Detroit Dog Rescue said the city needs a new facility.

“It’s difficult to sanitize,” Kumph said. “We do heroic things here to keep up with it.”

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