Lawmakers battle over voting, election reform

Lawmakers battle over voting, election reform.

DETROIT – Democratic lawmakers are vowing to keep fighting after GOP members of the U.S. Senate used the filibuster to kill a Voting Rights Bill.

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The final vote was along party lines and because of the filibuster, 60 votes are needed to move any bill forward in the Senate.

Democratic lawmakers said the For the People Act is needed to fight a wave of restrictive election reforms. Critics of the bill said voting rules should be handled on a state level, not federal.

The bill runs a parallel track with states that have proposed ways to restrict votes in the name of protecting the integrity of the vote. There is a state-by-state push to reform voting, despite the lack of evidence that the system of voting is broken.

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According to Oakland University Political Science Department head, Professor Peter Trumbore, the continued erosion in voter confidence and continued efforts led by Republicans lawmakers at the state and national level to restrict voting is a threat to people electing government, as opposed to government electing government.

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