Detroit community activists host peace walk to fight against violence

Police officers join peace walk Friday night

Detroit officers join activists for peace walk

DETROIT – It’s a message of peace and unity throughout the city of Detroit that several community activists are fighting for, but their main message is to push for no more violence, especially among the youth.

“Especially our babies when you have 2-year-old babies getting killed and you have several dozens shot in 2020. Several children killed. That’s absolutely unacceptable,” said the Rev. Teferi Brent with Live Coalition.

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Brent along with several organizations like Force Detroit held a Peace Walk on Friday. They met at Rosa Parks Boulevard and walked throughout the city.

Unlike previous marches and round table discussion about the violence in the city, their methods are different. They want to walk at night to reach those who they said that others have forgotten about.

“We want to prove that if people are out, peaceful people are out and enough of those people are out, the community becomes safe,” said Keith Bennett with Force Detroit.

They also plan to meet with the city and ask about funding organizations that promote peace and address the violence.