Community activists planning peace walks to fight against gun violence across Detroit

Light Up the Night peace march scheduled for July 2

Community activists planning peace walks amid surge in gun violence across Detroit

DETROIT – Some local activists are putting their feet to the ground in an effort to combat the recent violence in Detroit.

There have been several shootings involving children in the last week and four activists said talking about them is not enough.

“We’re here to love on our brothers, to encourage our brothers, to pray with our brothers, to lift our brothers up, to possibly do some intervention work with our brothers, offer our brothers another alternative,” said the Rev. Teferi Brent with Dignity 4 Detroit.

They’re preparing for multiple peace walks across Detroit called “Light Up the Nights.”

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“We’re here to let our young people know that we hear you. We hear your cry. We hear your pain,” said the Rev. Darryl Woods.

They said that they want to walk in the most dangerous parts of Detroit during the most dangerous times of the day because of the most recent violence and shootings of children.

“It’s draining. It makes you want to cry. We have to stand up. We have to educate,” said Ortagus Jackson El with Cease Fire Detroit.

The most heart wrenching shooting happened when 2-year-old Brison Christian killed while he was riding inside the car with his family on Interstate 75. Brison’s older brother was also shot but he survived.

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“We’re asking brothers do not shoot into a house. Do not shoot at cars. Do not do drive-bys. All of those are cowardly acts. That aren’t gangster. You’re a baby killer,” Brent said.

These men realize, there have been multiple marches, multiple protests, even community round tables, about the violence but they said their movement is different,

“This is not for show. This is for mobilization. This is for connecting the community and getting folks out in the streets,” said Keith Bennett.

The next “Light Up the Night” Peace March is at 8:30 p.m., July 2. Starting location is 13501 Rosa Parks Blvd. in Detroit.