Robotics technician training offered via Oakland County Michigan Works

Career in robotics hailed for offering high pay

Job opportunities open up in robotics industry

DETROIT – There are currently many job openings out there.

However, if you are looking for something a little more unconventional that pays well here is a look at one unique training program.

Local 4 News was at Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills on Monday getting more information on the program.

There’s a real dichotomy at work here in that basic retail and service industries are fighting for employees and will continue to do so until at least September when extended unemployment benefits dwindle.

But it’s these same workers who could be getting a jump on a career not just a job, but an actual career and be making a family wage as fast as you can say robotics.

Take a young man like Hunter Main. He was washing cars at one point. Now he is a lot more financially stable.

“This is an opportunity to grab by the horns because it could be once in a lifetime. It takes four months and if you are really dedicated to having a different career, something that is a little more fulfilling to you, then don’t pass this up cause it is only four months and if you play your cards right, your whole life could change,” said Main.

In his twenties out of high school lucky enough to be able to live with his parents, he found it hard to have grown up game while living with them.

He heard about this robotics program administered by Oakland County Michigan Works.

All he had to do was sign up, attend classes with the program’s partner Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills.

It’s geared for the underemployed and unemployed. He found smarts he never even realized he had.

Robotics is the future, one of the few professions you can jump into with absolutely no knowledge and experience, just training and as new classes open up the $7,000 tuition is actually cost nothing for qualified students.

Just fourteen weeks in the OCC robotics lab and you are set on a career path where employers are starving to pay you more and treat you right.

A new class starts Monday and another in September.

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